Thank you for Purchasing a Pypes Big Rig Exhaust Kit!

Your exhaust kit comes with a 2 year Date of Purchase warranty.

Warranty: All products manufactured by Pypes Big Rig are guaranteed to be free from defects in the materials and workmanship at the time of sale. Sound or tone is not a warrantable/returnable issue. The products are guaranteed to fit and perform on their intended applications, provided the vehicle has not been modified* or suffered structural damage. When a shipment is received damaged; the consumer must contact the carrier to start a damage claim. All warranty claims must have a return authorization and will be reviewed by our claims team. At this point, it is our option to repair or replace the component. Pypes Big Rig reserves the right to replace any product that has been discontinued from its product line with a new product of comparable value and functionality. Under no circumstances shall the warranty be transferable or assignable. Any and all costs to remove and/or replace a warranted product are not covered by this warranty, including the shipment to and from Pypes Big Rig for the replacement. Also loss of vehicle, rentals or towing is not covered. Other than the warranty described above, all Pypes Big Rig products are sold “AS IS” and no other warranty is implied. At any time, the terms of this warranty are severable.

Returns: Any and all products purchased from an authorized Pypes Big Rig dealer must be returned to the dealer. Please review your dealers return policy.

If the products were purchased from Pypes Big Rig direct, any and all returns must be accompanied by a return authorization number, original invoice, and a statement about the return. To obtain RA #, please call 800-421-3890. All non-warranty returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee, no exceptions. As the sound of the system is an opinion, it’s not a reason for return. The consumer is responsible for any and all freight costs of a return as well as the shipment for exchange returns. Any products which have been modified, cut, welded, bent, misused, damaged, or used on the vehicle are not subject to a return. No exceptions.

* Modifying the design or function, or subjecting this product to abuse, misuse, mishandling or unauthorized repair voids all aspects of the warranty or return policy. *

Installation Instructions & Helpful Tips

  1. There is NO need for silicone at any of the joints. The taper lock design creates a leak free fit.
  2. If stacks are 10 ft. long out of the box. They will total approximately 14.4 - 14.6 ft. of clearance, if not cut.
  3. You can trim the stacks to your desired height.
  4. Trimming can be accomplished with hacksaw, cutoff wheel, etc…
  5. Do not worry about damaging your stacks while trimming. The finish is premium 304 Stainless Steel.
  6. You might notice an oil residue on the stacks. This is from the polishing procedure.

Exhaust Surface Maintenance Tips

  1. After installation & before starting the engine, please wipe the system down with acetone and a microfiber towel.
  2. Wash your stacks with clean water and any dishwashing soap to get them clean. Truck stop washes contain recycled water that will have a chemical residue in it
  3. If you detect a slight, brown discoloration after hot running times, you can wash stacks again and, if you feel the need to polish, use SS Polish or Barkeepers Friend (liquid form) with a microfiber towel. (The discoloration IS NOT RUST)
  4. Magnesium & Calcium Chloride based road solutions and harsh road grime shouldn’t be left to sit on your exhaust for more than a couple of days. The corrosive properties of both agents can lead to corrosion buildup on the Stainless Exhaust.
  5. We recommend cleaning the Stainless Exhaust once a week when running through winter conditions. And every other week during normal weather.

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